Welcome to Bauer Engraving we have been providing engraving services to the printing industry since 1900.  We offer a wide selection of foil stamping dies, embossing dies, wood and cork branding dies, letterpress printing plates, chocolate coin imprinting dies and many more!
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Photoengraving is the oldest of all photomechanical processes, and traces its history to the very begining of the photographic art.  The first photoengraving was made in 1826 in France.

The metals used in photoengraving are few in number, zinc, copper, 
brass and modern magnesium alloys.  Dow Chemical Company
introduced the first successful magnesium alloy in 1945, 
reclaimed from seawater.

Today photoengraving is used primarily for specialty printing, 
such as foil stamping, embossing on paper, wood and 
cork branding for the wine industry and chocolate coin 
imprinting and molding plates.  It is also used by 
designers to simulate various products for photography 
shoots and right reading plaques for casting in bronze.

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