We can receive artwork by e-mail attachment or you can send your files on a CD or thumb drive. We have a DSL connection and are better able to download your e-mail files quickly and get your job into production. Please take the time to prepare your art files. We do not require all the files for process printing.  Send files to artwork@bauerengraving.com
We prefer Adobe Illustrator files in eps format. Convert all text to "Outlines". This eliminates the need to send fonts with your image.  If files are saved properly crossing platforms from Mac to PC is not a problem.

In Design, all type fonts should be outlined, then export as eps or pdf file.

Quark or PageMaker documents should be exported as eps. or pdf. files and checked by you for accuracy (Send the eps. or pdf. file).

If sending a tif file or jpeg, scan at 300dpi minimum

If sending a pdf file make sure it is high resolution print quality.

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